Flametree in Schools

Liz and Joley have been delivering workshops together since 2008. Each project is bespoke and the participants input in each session shape the planning of the next.

We have worked in schools all over Herts, Beds and Bucks.  Delivering a variety of bespoke projects from one-off issue based workshops and seasonal or festive celebrations to intensive week-long performance projects and whole school projects.

Each project works on both group activities and activities focusing on individual development and communication. By liaising closing not only with the children themselves, but with governors, parents, head teachers, class teachers, learning support workers and at times the wider community we begin to understand the needs of the project and a personalised programme of work is delivered.  Thoughtfully but creatively.

Flametree’s approach to learning has been inspirational and we are very excited about how we can enable the children to build on ground covered so far after half term

The small learning groups are enabling us to get to know the children extremely well and recognise what makes each one of them special. Their engagement in our rapidly developing story telling project is helping them identify their own strengths, something which is increasing their confidence and independence beyond belief and emerge as Year 2’s who are ‘up for a challenge

The children worked confidently and thoughtfully with each other; they became better listeners before our eyes; above all they had tremendous fun – thank you Liz and Joley for an opportunity that really does model learning the Brookmead way, the way we know is right for us as it really does bring learning to life