Flametree Productions is run by Liz Raba & Joley Roberts.  As facilitators, Joley and Liz guide the participants in exploring different areas of the arts. This duel delivery of projects enables participants to experience a wider variety of the skills involved in production such as design and making through sets, props & costumes and technical (including vocal recording, film, lighting and sound).

Liz Raba works with groups and individuals to augment communication skills. Liz’s work both as a theatre director and a dramatherapist has led to a diverse and extensive experience of working with young people and adults alike, creating, developing, and presenting various aspects of drama, theatre, and the arts. Liz specialises in the directing and technical elements of a production.

Joley Roberts has extensive experience in developing bespoke arts projects, particularly working with recycled materials. The development of costumes and props are an excellent way for participants to get creative, reflect on their learning and design, develop and create something they can proud of. Joley specialises in the aesthetics of a production.

Liz and Joley have been delivering workshops together since 2008. From Integrated arts and performance projects, schools workshops, youth theatre programmes, therapeutic group and individual sessions and live community events through to full scale productions such as Billy Youth.
Each project works on both group activities and those focusing on individual development and communication. By liaising closing with participants, Liz and Joley understand the needs of the individuals and a personalised programme of work is delivered; whether this aim is to develop the communication skills and cohesion of a group, such as in a school setting, or to produce a full scale production for public audiences.

Liz trained at the Birmingham Theatre School, before going on to university, where she studied a degree in Theatre, a Masters in Theatre Directing, before training as a Dramatherapist.
Liz has travelled to Europe, the United States, Africa and Japan working with theatre companies, researching different cultures and experiencing life in different communities.

Liz has worked for the last 15 years with groups and individuals, from young children in play settings, to elderly patients in day care centres, using imagination and creativity to develop projects that are as significant and unique as the people involved in them.
Liz Raba: 07946 494919             liz@flametreeproductions.co.uk

Joley trained at Coventry University, as well as training as a performer, the course gave her hands on insight into the production process. The course allowed Joley to develop her creative skills making costumes, props and set, whilst continuing to study theatre and dance.

After gaining a first class degree in Theatre and Professional Practice Joley worked as the Arts Education Officer at The Old Town Hall Theatre.  During this post Joley devised and delivered bespoke workshop opportunities to support the theatre programme, whilst delivering council objectives to promote social inclusion and cohesiveness, embrace diversity and reduce inequalities. The development of integrated projects and working with groups with disabilities, led to achieving a level 2 qualification in British Sign Language.

Joley believes that the arts are an invaluable tool for people to express themselves, and by empowering participants to shape their own experiences, personal and collective achievements will triumph.
Joley Roberts:  07795 026038             joley@flametreeproductions.co.uk